Artwork and Sound

AdamMagus Posts: 363 Mover and Shaker
I want to commend the art and sound team on making this game look and feel true to the comics.

The level of detail is very good on the majority of characters (Magneto NOW arms have great detail, cool veins, nice shadows, nice lighting, his suit is very detailed. Captain America, Bullseye, Ragnarok and The Hood all have an insane amount of detail on their faces and gear.)

The game's colors are vibrant and true to the comics.

The sounds assigned to abilities are very appropriate, none feel out of place.

The music is actually pleasant and enjoyable, I generally find that most tablet games have terrible music, I tend to play them on mute but this game I have no problem listening to, even the sound of matching tiles is crisp.

The quality assurance team did a great job as well.

No spelling/grammar errors found, not many games can say that.

The UI is very user friendly and easy to work with, hopefully the redesign you have planned doesn't stray to far from the current model.

Thank you for making this game; great job on making it look and feel beautiful, gameplay means everything to me, but great sound and fantastic artwork makes it so much better!


  • I second this. Love the art style and music, it's all very slick indeed. I particularly enjoy the personalised sounds each character has when matching their gems, such as a little buzz of electricity for Storm or a satisfying thud when Thor strikes (or an opponent hits the ground icon_e_biggrin.gif).
  • agreed. a lot of other mobile games i mute, this one i turn up the sound 8)
  • I think I may test out the sounds over the weekend after reading this topic.
    I have the game muted, because I usually have other source of sound already - music, film, TV show - or I play in classes icon_e_wink.gif

    But graphics definitely are really good! icon_e_smile.gif