Finish Nodes of Power matches BEFORE time runs out

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I missed out on the 25-wins reward because my last game fonished after the event timer. Here are the quotes from what support sent me.

From me:

The Nodes of Power event timer must have finished as i was playing the last game that would have earned me the final individual reward. When i won it, i got the +1 ribbon and my counter showed 25 wins, but i did not receive the Oath of Nissa and pack reward.

Have i missed out on those rewards completely because my game was still playing and it wasn't taken into the final tally?

First reply:
Thank you for contacting D3 Go! Customer Support.

In order for the points from a match to be considered valid, the battle must be concluded prior to the end of the event. If the battle concludes even one second after the event does, the match will not count towards your score for that event or rewards.
Bolded by me.

Asked for clarification:
Thankyou for your prompt reply.

To clarify further, at what point is the match registered as completed?

Is it the win screen? Is it after rewarding the ribbons, runes and or other rewards but before returning to the event page?

Final reply:
Thank you for contacting D3 Go! Customer Support.

It is when you are informed that you have won. Even if the event ends during a match, if that match has individual rewards apart from the overall event, you will still receive them.

TLDR: You have to finish your last match before the timer ends to earn the progress reward.[/quote]