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Mechanics often stay more in certain sections of the color pie. They are all very useful and having them all available to you is something that should be aimed for. I listed below the most useful mechanics and their availability to all colors. I am focusing on colorless sources such as supports (equipment) that grant these to your creatures an which ones are missing as of now. If there is a * listed by the mechanic, there currently is no colorless source that grants it permanently to your creatures.
3 cards in the next set may grant some of these, haunted cloak, true-fith censer, cahtar's shield, and I am interested to see what mtgpq does with these.

Berserker - brawler's plate

*Deathtouch - ~headron blade

*Defender/ Reach / Vigilance - mantle of webs(G), knightly valor(W), Iona's blessing(W), ~sandstone bridge. need a colorless spell or support that permanently gives a defensive ability to creatures, as it is only sandstone bridge gives it temporarily outside of W or G and its too expensive.

Disabled - alchemist's vial, aligned hedron network, claustrophobia(U), Hixus(W)/suppression bonds(W), pathway arrows, + LOTS others in U or W.
Swift reckoning/sheer drop(W) works disabled for removal.

Double Strike - Iroas's champion(R/W), ~resolute blademaster(R/W). very powerful as it is, does not need colorless source.

First Strike - helm of the gods

*Flying - stratus walk(U) (would like a colorless source here)

Haste - infectious bloodlust(R), strider harness

*Hexproof - sphinx of the final word(U)

*Lifelink -

Menace / Unblockable - rogue's passage

*Trample - somberwald alpha(G)


  • Well, they are just implementing the cards from paper Magic. If paper doesn't have the cards that you want, there is no chance you'll see them here.
    The difference is that in paper you can make a green/white deck if you want to give your elves Flying, but in PQ you have to wait for a planeswalker that gives that combination.
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    These are both very useful cards. Haunted cloak will always be worth it for 1 to give a creature haste and trample, and to choose which creature you want to give these and vigilance to is very good. True-faith censer is like a half cost knightly valor with half the effect, so its worth it since lower cost is always better

    Haunted Cloak
    Deck: Shadows Over Innistrad
    Type: Spell
    Rarity: Rare
    cost: 1
    Give Vigilance, Haste and Trample to target creature.

    True-Faith Censer
    Deck: Shadows Over Innistrad
    Type: Support
    Rarity: Common
    cost: 4
    While this Support is on the board, give +1/+1 and Vigilance to the first creature you control. If it’s a Human, it gains an additional +1/0.
  • Is there any known spell/supports that bestow Regeneration? I've been hoping for one, since creatures with regeneration are far and few between for those who rely on just the 3-card boosters every 8 hours. (Almost 400 cards now, and only ONE with regeneration icon_e_sad.gif

    A first strike with regeneration would be an epic combo imo icon_e_wink.gif