Best Dual-Color Planeswalker?

SkidooSkidoo Posts: 70 Match Maker
Thoughts on which dual-color Planeswalker is most powerful or versatile or useful? I've maxed the original 5 monocolor PWs; I'm looking for what next.

As of this writing we have three multicolor options:
Kiora MotD manablue.pngmanagreen.png
Sarkhan the Mad manablack.pngmanared.png
Ajani Vengeant manared.pngmanawhite.png.


  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
    Depends on what your collection is, but Kiora is the best IMO. You can just run bounce, mana ramp, card draw (all of which is in common/uncommon), and build loyalty for a 32/32 reach trampler.
  • SkidooSkidoo Posts: 70 Match Maker
    majincob wrote:
    Depends on what your collection is, but...
    I chose Sarkhan because he currently costs much less than Kiora, but moreso for the reason you cited - my collection. I do not have a weak assortment of green/blue, but for red I've drawn particularly well. I have both Mythic Dragons, the Tyrant and Avaricious as well as the mythic Dragonmaster. I'm only missing the rare dragon, Akoum Hellkite. With those 3 mythics, it seemed an ideal setup for Sarkhan's two dragon-based abilities.
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