Speed challenges

rob443rob443 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 97
What decks / planeswalkers do you guys use for that?

I own the 5 basic planeswalkers with Nissa on 60 and the other four ~30.

I do have some rares and mythics but they are all more on the (mana) expensive side.

Any recommendations?


  • MorphisMorphis Age Unconfirmed Posts: 975
    You need lvl 60 for most speed challanges.

    Depending on lucky cascades and power of your green card you could do it but overall Nissa is rather slow atm, so your best bet is either level Chandra to 60 or even better buy Koth and level him to 60.
  • fox1342fox1342 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 174
    Ally Gideon can be very fast too. Keep summoning knights. (although it's better value to use his third when you've at least 2 allies in play).

    A lot of the challenges were designed with PW at least 2 nerf cycles earlier. Hence nissa and chandra could do them easily.
  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
    I use Kiora, but I have Days Undoing, Talent of the Telepath, and Animist Awakening, to ramp into gem converters. Just keep playing until you luck cascade into turn 2 ultimate.
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