Changes to Mission Difficulty

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Hi Everyone -

Another update from the development team, in regards to some changes in the mission difficulty, starting with the upcoming Hulk Event on Thursday.

"It has been about three weeks since the new mission difficulty has become the new standard for Story Events. We would like to make a few tweaks to the system to improve high level roster performance and reduce overall playing time for everyone. Please see below for details:

- Tweaked how enemies scale as your roster gets better. Higher level rosters will experience easier enemies than before.
- Reduced the amount of times a mission can be played after it reaches it's maximum difficulty. Missions can be played three times (down from four) before being worth 1 point.
- 2-Star Required Missions now have a maximum difficulty (like easy missions).
- The amount of points that the 2-Star Required Mission is worth has been reduced while the amount of points the 4-Star Required Mission has been increased. The amount of points a 3-Star Required Mission is worth has stayed the same."
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