Tezzeret skill change

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At the moment tezzeret skill simply do not work that well.

A skill change can totally change the viability of a planeswalker like what happened with Koth.

I came up with a couple ideas, but anyone reading this can contribute.
All skill effect are for max level since that is what matters the most.
The various lower rank would be adjusted with weaker similar effect or more loyalty cost.

- first skill: "all supports you control gain one shield charge and you gain two mana for each support you control"

- second skill: "the next support in your deck you do not control is added to your hand. It is free. If no support is available his way draw 2 cards" (note: the remaining deck is what is checked. So even if you do not have all controls of the deck in play it can still "fizzle").

- third skill: it could remain as it is now. I would have preferred permanent buff for pve events.
If that would be the case the buff would be half the current one.

What all these change accomplish?
- first skill gets stronger the more support you have in play. Also if those supports have already high shield value it is still beneficial to use it.
The sinergy with number of supports favors having many(as you should)
Keep in mind that while with 8 supports it is 16 mana, getting there is not easy.
With 5 support(still not easy/fast to get)you get 10 mana, still less than kiora first ability if you sum mana gain and drain.

- second skill has some sinergy with both first and last.
First skill will get more mana and buff more stuff's shield.
Third skill will increase more stats.
Also even if it "fizzles" you get some benefit(but in that case, with so many supports in play you should be saving for third skill)

- third skill has higher chances of getting better output if you used the second one.
Also first skill mana gain makes it easier to get those supports in play in the first place.
So what do you think?
Do you have some suggestion on your own?


  • EDHdad
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    First ability could add a shield to each support in play and add mana to each support in hand.

    The second ability could let you look at the next 4 supports in your library and let you select one, the way Seek the Wilds lets you look at the next 4 creatures. If so, however, making it free would probably be a bit too powerful.

    I think his abilities are probably fine, and it's a pretty good translation of the paper Magic version. The problem with him is the lack of good supports in mono-blue which aren't named "Thopter Spy Network", and not many blue cards which benefit from having lots of supports in play. If Tezzeret could put From Beyond, Sigil of the Empty Throne and Starfield of Nyx into his library, he would be completely bonkers.
  • Reaganstorme
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    What about this for his second ability:

    Gain control of an opponent's support gem. It loses 1 Shield.
  • Morphis
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    @Edhdad: your second skill is easier in concept than mine, accomplishes the same purpose and is easier to code(similar to seek the wild).
    I would add the same effect of seek the wild too(putting non chosen support on bottom of library).
    if you do not choose one of the supports most likely you do not need it. Also if you are looking for a specific one putting other cards on bottom of the deck helps getting the one you need.
    About th support being free, if that's too much it could gain a fixed amount of mana(8-10 at max rank should be fine).

    Your first skill is similar to mine.
    I like mine better cause while being based on supports, can help non support casts.

    @Raeganstorme: your suggestion is too situational.
    Many deck do not run supports or run supports that are not that valuable to steal.
    Also any thing that interacts with supports has to be made random(cannot choose the support) so if there are many you could not control which one to steal.