Looking for an active alliance to join.

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I'm looking to join an alliance I haven't been in one yet. I have been playing for maybe a month now. But I do spend money And my roster is building up pretty nicely. I have 20 spots in my roster.
2 star Thor lvl 51. Modern hawkeye lvl 27
1 star ironman lvl 42. 3 star punisher lvl 27
1 star venom lvl 39.
Marvel now magneto lvl 36
2 star storm lvl 32

Then all the other covers in my roster are only 2 stars and 3 stars.
Alot of 3 stars with 2 or 3 covers that need more and need to be leveled up.
Message me if you think I'd make a good addition to your group. I play every day and looking for other competitive players.