R106 Hot Fixes *Updated (08/03/16)

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Hello all,

Here are the hot fixes arriving in Daily Patches, after the R106 update:
(*Note: This thread will only be updated when relevant info is available. Some Daily Patches may not contain hot fixes.)

August 3rd
• Fixed a bug where Nova's power Takeoff was not correctly turning into Rocket Man when other teammates' powers created Black Strike tiles.
• Fixed a bug where Nova's power Rocket Man was not correctly changing to Takeoff when all friendly Black Strike tiles were removed.
• Fixed a bug where The Punisher (MAX)'s power Army of One was not changing back to Punish when allies returned from a Stunned state.

*Note* We have identified and addressed the issue where Nova's power Rocket Man was not doing as much damage as expected when the opposing character returns from airborne. This is not a bug we can hotfix and it will be part of the R108 Release.

July 29th
• Fixed a bug where The Hulk (Bruce Banner)'s Gamma Ray Experiment & Smartest Guy in the Room powers did not scale past Level 450.
• Fixed a bug where Teisatsu's Turn to Smoke power was still being activated when Teisatsu was stunned.
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