Looking for an alliance!

knudsen Posts: 125 Tile Toppler
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I play daily (compulsively) and have made sure to finish top five in the last several tournaments with a top 1000 finish in the last Hulk series. Which active alliance has a spot for a very productive player? Same name (Knudsen) in game!


  • The Church of Patches would welcome thee, as long as thine Bladed One shows devotion. All we require is a small tithe from thee to open doors for new members. Search for 'Ace of Blades'

  • Arogntbastrd
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    Our likes include skewers, strike tiles, and the tears of the fallen. Dislikes include mean people

    Tell us about your roster what you bring to the party etc etc
  • knudsen
    knudsen Posts: 125 Tile Toppler
    Currently 85 OBW/Thor, 100 punisher, lots of other 3 stars waiting to level but I am waiting for the Spider-Man nerf to decide where to invest (2/2/4 patch, 4/4/2 level 40 IM, 3/3/4 spidey).
  • If thou dost commit to thine Patch, and pay thine tithe, then thou mayest find a place amongst The Best there Is.