Looking for a top alliance after the current PVP.

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Current rank is #2 in bracket with 685 pts and my current alliance has 1700. Looking to join a better alliance. I am a daily player with a good roster.

Patch 130
Punisher 114
IM40 93
OBW 85
And more mid level characters that I just haven't sunk too much ISO into yet.


  • The Church of Patches would welcome thee, as thine Bladed One shows devotion. All we require is a small tithe to open doors for new members.

  • You know just going to point out the obvious here, not even sure what alliance you are part of.

    The current points total does not matter, its the finishing points total that is the important part. In PvE you can probably make some kind of judgement from current totals but in PvP it is so volatile and dependent on the last 3 hours, to forsake your alliance a day early is probably folly.

    Myself for example I have 70 points and a super low MMR, it would be actual suicide and a waste to get points now as it will raise my MMR and my targets can only have more points later, then I would need to burn hp on shields for a day just to maintain it. I will spike up to 800 points later, many people play this way and judging from the standings right now, most people play this way.
  • hey, You're in my bracket! icon_twisted.gif