Pvp battle reward and time zone

Kami Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
Well at first, I really like the new set up for pvp but there were 2 things that I'd like to see different.
At first when accounts have the same amount of points you are set at the bottom of the list of those accounts... this means you get in a lower prize, well probably everybody gets a lower reward than it should. All accounts with the same number of points should get the same reward.

Second the time the event runs is very poorly chosen.. at leaSt in my time zone(cet) where is runs from 18.00 until 18.00. Well people with jobs normally work until 18.00 so at least I never have a chance to do the last couple of battles and that's very frustrating.


  • majincob
    majincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
    IMO they should run the event over 48 hours and keep the same 40 battle limit, or at least start your 24 hour timer when you join the event on the first day.
  • M3f
    M3f Posts: 46
    For me this event is unbearable. Again i forfeit it after 25 wins when I'm at the top because I just can't find motivation to grind (same thing with QB) when there are no more milestone rewards above and every win just gives 100 instead of 300 reward.

    So another thing to just check off and wait for next when while it could've been an awesome new addition to the game with rare rewards at higher milestones and better rewards for victories... Didn't think I'd ever say that but PvE event was much better, in the rewards vs. time consumed category at least.