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I presume I am missing something obvious, but I cannot get these objectives to trigger any progress = the objective reads: "kill (number) or more enemy creatures during a single fight" and it appears frequently in the origins storyline (which I am still playing through). The example of the one I kept trying tonight was the first one I could find, which is Origins Chapter 1 Part 1 Node 2 Anointer of Champions.

I figured that black or red would be good for killing a bunch of creatures but I could not get the game to register any progress on this objective no matter how I killed the other sides creatures = I killed some with my own creatures, tried direct damage with red, tried lowering their toughness to death with demon's grasp, even caused some to be destroyed using bone splinters or fleshbag marauder with black but to no avail, each time the game ended it shows 0/6 as if I made no progress. I don't think I ever killed six before winning (which is what anointer says it requires) so maybe it is registering the kills but not displaying them? But I do not really want to keep trying unless I know I am approaching the objective correctly. Same result on node 11 of the same Chapter/Part Abbot of Keral Keep where I know that I removed 4 creatures from the board (1 in combat, 1 to a bone splinters, and 2 to demon's grasp and it still showed 0/6 on the pause menu and on the rewards screen at game end.

So I think I am missing something, and hope someone out there can point me in the right direction.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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    Your achievements might still be bugged to count your own creatures lost rather than opponent's creatures destroyed.

    Try killing one of your creatures and see whether count goes up. You can check under the menu button at the button during the match.

    If even that doesn't work then you should file a bug report. ... quests/new
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    Yes, still no progress recorded on pause menu even by suiciding my creatures or using bone splinters or fleshbag marauder. I also thought that it was just not recording on that screen but would award me the prize if I kept strict track and did kill 6 or more creatures, but I did keep strict track and killed more than required, and still no progress shown and no award recd, so I have submitted a ticket as you suggested. Thanks!
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    I'm glad this issue is not just me.

    I tried all the same things and had the same issue. Now that there are 3 storyline missions with this goal, and I can't complete any of them, I came looking for answeres. I'll check that bug report link.
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    This is fixed now - thanks so much!