DeadpoolsTacos seeking Free Agents!

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We are currently sitting at #4 in the rankings for the current event. We have a few spots reserved for "Free agents", meaning if your going for the win in the tournament, join us till the end of the event, and longer if your consistently placing well.

If you want in, post a screen shot of your current Fearless Defenders score. I'll be adding at least 3 players


  • I'm a big comicbook fan and love your name. I'm still building up and would love to be considered for a permanent membership to alliance. I play nightly and finish in the top 50 for most events. Will post my rankings for current event after I get home and can actually play tonight. Thanks for the consideration. -moohut (jonathan)
  • How do I post my screenshots?
  • Ok well while I trying to figure this out.
    I'm currently sitting in 10th place.
    My name in the game is Bladebrown13.
    Play daily. And can consistently place in the the top 15.
  • hi,

    I don't have a full 141 roster, but I play daily and am active in all tourneys. Due to MMR I can bring in points despite working with mainly 2*s. I currently am at 420, thought I will normally wait here till the last 3 hours or so to go for the win. here is a screenshot of it. I am in an alliance right now that is top 50, but I can't find anything about them on the forums besides the come join post. ... reenshots/

    I would love to fill your last open spot.
  • Hi I would like to fill the last available spot if you'll take me. I play every day. currently ranked in top 100 for both events. I've been placing in top 50 in most events and placed 5th in the recent event where iron man model 40 was the reward. My ign is Cisco45
  • I'm interested in joining. Rapidly developing roster. Largely 2s and 3s. Relatively active player. Currently #37 in fearless heroes event. Could be higher but stopped playing as much when I realized you couldn't get 50 coins at 500 (like most other events).
  • ragthor
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    i saw u have an opening in ur alliance and I was hoping to join. I am a daily player and my roster consist of 29 covers including
    128 iron man
    102 punisher
    75 daredevil
    and many more. I place in the top 5. 80 to 90 percent of the time.