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Is there any way to change the language settings? I want to continue playing in English, not in German, where all the names sound silly and every 'ü' and 'ä' is replaced by a big red 'X'.


  • rob443
    rob443 Posts: 97
    Hi german fella,

    i've been asking the same question in the technical support board.

    The only way is to set your whole devices language to english.

    I can confirm that it works.

  • Morphis
    Morphis Posts: 975
    I always feel like spells are "cooler" in English.

    I would like to be able to set English as language.

    Also some characters are not displayed correctly(mainly characters with accent marks such as è, ü and the like).

    This issue will surely be solved but still I would like getting it back to English.
    The language inplementation was needed though for non English readers since this game requires reading correctly cards to play it.