Looking to join an alliance

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Whats up to whoever reads this. Im looking to join and very active alliance. I play everyday and usualy rank in the top 20 in tournaments. I can give an allaince points and can contribute alot. I made my own but the members i had were either not active or sucked, lol.

Again im only looking to join an alliance that can rank high and that are highly active as i am. Thanks and hope to join one soon.

Im playing the Fearless Defenders one atm and im ranked #34. I will keep ranking as i always do, so keep that in mind.


  • Twysta
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    I recommend Wrecking Crew.
  • Just added a spot for you in Wrecking Crew if you'd like to join Apocalypse.

    EDIT: Right now we're at #28 on the alliance leader board for Fearless Defenders and I haven't even started that event yet.
  • Thank you im joing now. I'll get you some more points quick
  • Dont mean to bump, but due to the comander leaving im still looking for an alliance. Hopefully i can join a more serious alliance this time around. Thanks for reading.
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