deck save feature

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So yeah, a deck saving feature would be nice so we can toy with different ideas without having to disassemble and later reassemble favorite decks. Just a thought.


  • Theros
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    This is a good idea. very handy especially for events that requires different iterations for each trial
  • eatstatic
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    I have been thinking about the need for this for a while. What we really need is a non-mobile web interface for building and saving decks. Every time I find a deck that I like and I have to modify or customize it, I have to write the cards down in a text file so i don't forget it. And it's way too difficult to become familiar with all the cards available using the mobile device IMO. I know this is normally the sort of thing that a fan site ends up developing, but I would like to be able to just load the created decks in from the mobile interface, else really its just an alternative to writing the down. Plus, it wouldn't eat my battery while I was building decks.

    But regardless of if it is web or mobile interface, not being able to save decks is a barrier to experimentation, at least for me it is. i don't want to modify a deck that I know I like just so I can try a few hundred times to beat the computer in under 7 turns, and its too difficult to try to find the magic combination that might be able to do it, so instead I just skip over these.
  • bobby_2613
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    This game needs a deck saving feature ASAP. Playing PVE / PVP / Story mode and trying to mastering colors is a real PITA without it.

    Also give us a way to name it ourself (no deck1/deck2/deck3 please) and an option to choose the deck we want when we're selecting the PW.

    Please! icon_e_smile.gif