TheMinorLeague - recruiting

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I was sick of trying to find an alliance so I started my own. Looking for folks that are active and place relatively well.

I'm looking for others with rosters transitioning to 3* (or already there). You should have a smattering of recent new covers to prove you're active (Thor, BP, psylocke, etc.).

My roster is a cover maxed punisher at 131 with a bunch of 2* at 85. I've been scoring 500-700 on the recent pvps. Not super hardcore, but usually place top 20 with ease and higher depending on what's offered.

Search for TheMinorLeague, send an in-game request and post on here also. Cheers!


  • Seems like good alliance for me. Long-time f2player (day 95), due to some circumstances wasn't able to get enough BP (sadly) and wasn't (and still isn't) interested in clone-Thor, but I have L100 Patch, good Psylocke etc. Usually place in top5 if interested, otherwise tank to have better chances in other tourneys. Sounds good?
  • gefp: sounds good to me.

    Other random dudes that just signed up (discernment, redacted), you lurk on here?

    Still at least one more slot open. I just set it to private but I'll be checking today.
  • CJP20
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    Hey, joined in and am waiting for acceptance. Check my my roster and let me know if I'm good enough to join

  • CJP, I'd rather have people who will actually respond than not.

    Contemplating what to do with the other guys that haven't spoken up...
  • Hey if there are still spots,I am active (Im on day 53)and I have a 85 Thor and 82 Punisher and OBW as my main team I have 25 roster slots so far with only ** and ***.Currently working on getting another slot for my gold thor which I should get when the pvp event ends. I also 3 BP and psy covers to show that im active
  • CJP20
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    Hey, i just wanna say thank you for letting me in. Currently in #16. Have to go tonight, so currently pushing.