Ultron Returns!: New Details

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MPQ fans,

Ultron is back and ready to offer up some fun and challenging gameplay beginning this Thursday, July 21st! Here's some fresh details from Demiurge on a few updates to the event. (*Disclaimer: Rewards and round targets are subject-to-change before the event begins. If changes occur, we will do our best to let you know beforehand.)
Ultron is Back! See what's new!

We have streamlined the Avengers vs. Ultron event to follow the basic event structure of Galactus Hungers and Civil War. The largest change to the event is that there will only be one chapter, Avengers vs. Ultron, and players will either face off against Ultron or his sentries. Another big change is that Ultron will now make matches in addition to creating drop tiles for you to remove before they detonate dealing damage.

For those of you who haven't participated in Avengers Vs. Ultron or an other Boss Event, Check out this page for more information (https://d3publisher.helpshift.com/a/marvel-puzzle-quest/?s=gameplay-tips&f=avengers-vs-ultron-event-info).

Event Details
• There is only 1 chapter for the event, Avengers vs Ultron
• Ultron now makes matches.
• Ultron missions have eight mission rewards: three 1 Command Points, two 500 Iso-8s, two 250 Iso-8s and one Critical Boost.
• Ultron Sentry missions have four missions rewards: one Standard Token, one 500 Iso-8, one 250 Iso-8 and one Critical Boost.

• Below are the Alliance round point targets and their reward:
    o Round 1 - 70,000 - Avengers Vs. Ultron Token o Round 2 - 120,000 - Avengers Vs. Ultron Token o Round 3 - 350,000 - Avengers Vs. Ultron Token o Round 4 - 880,000 - Thor (Modern) Green Cover o Round 5 - 1,800,000 - Avengers Vs. Ultron Token o Round 6 - 3,000,000 - Professor X (Charles Xavier) Blue Cover o Round 7 - 4,800,000 - Professor X (Charles Xavier) Yellow Cover o Round 8 - 9,700,000 - Professor X (Charles Xavier) Purple Cover

• Below are the Player round point targets and their reward:
    o 5,000 - Standard Recruit Token o 10,000 - 100 Iso-8 o 20,000 - Power Boost o 31,500 - 1x Health Pack o 52,700 - Stockpile o 80,000 - 140 Iso-8 o 112,400 - Hawkeye (Modern) Blue Cover o 149,000 - 140 Iso-8 o 189,500 - Avengers Vs. Ultron Token o 234,000 - 140 Iso-8 o 281,500 - Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) Green Cover o 332,000 - 250 Iso-8 o 385,000 - 25 Hero Points o 441,500 - 250 Iso-8 o 500,000 - Vision (Android Avenger) Blue Cover o 553,500 - 500 Iso-8 o 627,000 - 25 Hero Points o 711,000 - Avengers Vs. Ultron Recruit Token o 802,500 - 1,000 Iso-8 o 900,000 - 25 Command Points

• The event will run in place of a normal Story Event"

*Update (07/19/16) from Anthony at Demiurge:
    "We will be changing the final player progression reward from the Legendary Token to 25 CP to align with other Story Event final progression rewards. Sorry for the confusion."
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