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    Tezzeret is about my absolutely least used decks and he (like many of my PWs right now) is only level 30. This is at the bare minimum of usable by my standards. However, I am always looking for help to build an excellent deck and to be honest I need all the help I can get on this one. Below is what I have built with explanations:

    Creatures (I built this to be a blue spirit deck but there are only a few such cards)
    Tower Geist: Blue Spirit, draw potential upon summon
    Uninvited Geist: Transforms and becomes unblockable
    Rattlechains: quick summon spirits via mana gain, spirits gain hexproof

    Talent of the Telepath: Quick summon most of the supports or help summon spirits faster

    Mirrorpool: My go to support for creature buffing and free spells
    Jace's Sanctum: Drain opponents mana
    Tamiyo's Journal: creates clues and causes draw power
    Pathway Arrows: Disable the opponents creature and deal damage to it
    Prairie Stream: Mana gain
    Sphinx's Tutelage: Drain opponents mana per draw. Great with the journal

    This deck is clumsy and slow so I am looking for any and all advice on how to build a good deck for Tezzeret so I can actually use him well.
  • Foznertep
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    For what it's worth, I've had some fun with a mere lvl25 Tezz using the following deck:

    Thing in the Ice
    Stitchwing Skaab
    Stitched Mangler

    Imprisoned in the Moon

    Prism Array
    Retreat to Coralhelm
    Corrupted Grafstone
    Skyline Cascade
    Slayer's Plate

    The very simple premise is to play it save and let TitI do the rest. Grafstone and Skyline are there to provide landfalls. All creatures are Horrors, so they won't be bounced.
  • Xequorlum
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    I acquired Tezzeret and played him almost exclusively for over a week, testing various card combinations (except very few of the new Kaladesh cards). I was determined to prove popular opinion wrong. Unfortunately, I realized early on that everyone is right on point. He is especially unforgiving at lower levels so I played him, and the following decks, mostly at level 40.

    It seems there are three obvious ways to play Tezzeret:
    1: Claustrophobia + Filigree Barrier

    To be honest, I didn't test this out for long but it seems like it would work best with some other cheap and fragile blue supports to maximize the effectiveness of the shields. You will inevitably draw more Claustrophobias and other supports you don't want so having some card draw (and discard effects?) might be a good idea. Dampening Pulse + Orbs of Warding would provide a further backup plan along with whatever else you might put in the deck. You could get by with 4 or 5 supports as you probably won't be casting Tezzeret's third ability very often if using his first one. With lots of card draw, 3 creatures is probably good, unless they're defenders/berserkers.

    2: Use Transmute for Single Support Fetching

    I tested this out quite a bit and it became my favorite way to play Tezzeret. It is almost like having an interchangeable second ability! Depending on the support, it can suck if you draw it, perhaps multiple times, but, if the deck is balanced right, it shouldn't present too much of a problem. Fetching elusive supports with Transmute seemed to make decks more consistent.

    3: Supports + Artificer's Skill

    This was the most difficult. Most of the time I couldn't get good synergy going with clues like one might expect. (I only have Ongoing Investigation, not Tamiyo's Journal). Supports seem either unhelpful or costly and their excessive use takes away from spellcasting. Unfortunately, I had the most success using Rare supports, which I have few of. As others have mentioned, Thing in the Ice and Thopter Spy Network are probably a good way to go.

    Anyways, here are some decks that seemed effective. The first is a disabling deck with some creatures that have abilities that trigger when casting spells. It is meant for low and midlevel Tezzerets. There are no rares or mythics, but there are several uncommons, including all the creatures. Amazingly, it did manage to actually beat an opposing Olivia.

    DECK ONE: Tezzeret, the Juggler

    1 Support:
    Skyline Cascade (use Transmute: "free" emergency disable)

    3 Creatures:
    Bounding Krasis (disables 1st enemy creature upon entry)
    Ringwarden Owl (+2/+2 for the turn when casting spells)
    Abberent Researcher (Fairly awesome for the cost, after casting a spell: gains +1/+1 permanently [but only one once])

    6 Spells:
    Atificer's Epiphany (card draw / cheap spell to trigger the Owl and Researcher)
    Ghostly Wings (a flying Krasis! / cheap spell trigger)
    Rush of Ice (disable)
    Adverse Conditions (disable)
    Alchemist's Vial (disable)
    Chilling Grasp (double disable and cheap!)

    Stormchaser Mage and Nebelgast Herald (with or without other spirits) should be good creature substitutes. An honorable mention for Silburlind Snapper, a sleepy 6/6 turtle that won't attack unless a spell is cast, each and every turn..

    If you have it: Aligned Hedron Network.

    I am lucky to have found a Brain in a Jar (don't ask where) which gives 1 mana to every spell in hand when you make a match, even loyalty gems. It seems to work well with lots of card draw and cheap spells. For this deck, it had some nice synergy with Rush of Ice because it will simply give the card exactly 1 mana. But it also interferes with being able to fetch Skyline effectively. The deck worked much better when I replaced the brain with another disable spell.

    Speaking of Brain in a Jar:

    DECK TWO: Tezzeret, the Thrifty

    1 Support:
    Brain in a Jar

    3 Creatures:
    Herald of Kozilek (-1 mana cost for colorless cards)
    + 2 of the following creatures: Murk Strider / Mist Intruder / Salvage Drone / Oracle of Dust / Wicker Witch / Aspiring Aeronaut (or some other favorite creature)

    6 Spells:
    Scour from Existence
    Foundry of the Consuls
    Chitinous Cloak
    Murderer's Axe
    Alchemist's Vial
    Artificer's Epiphany

    The Brain and Herald make colorless spells a little cheaper. Some creature control between Scour and Murk Strider.

    DECK THREE: Tezzeret, the Defender

    6 Supports:
    Caves of Koilos
    Shambling Vent / Forgotten Sanctuary
    Angel's Tomb (+3/+3 and flying to summoned creatures)
    Brawler's Plate / Throwing Knife
    Sigil of Valor / Veteran's Sidearm
    + 1 other Support (if nothing else, maybe a sturdy support like Jayemdae Tome or Retreat to Coralhelm)

    No spells

    4 Creatures:
    3 defenders (I used the first 3): Watercourser, Incubator Drone, Salvage Drone, Wild-Field Scarecrow, Maritime Guard, Ulamog's Reclaimer, Guardian Automaton
    Mockery of Nature OR Abundant Maw

    Since Tezzeret can make good use of both black and white mana, there are two supports to turn gems to those colors, and hopefully, some occasional roils will result. The black and white roils can also help to somewhat protect fragile blue supports. If fate allows, the lifelink acquired from Shambling Vent combined with Artificer's Skill can provide for a late game pick-me-up.

    And I'm pretty sure Olivia would shred this deck, however.
  • wereotter
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    A powered up Tezzeret is doing a lot more now with the Kaladesh servos. Normally fabricate is precarious since the servos die so easily, but if you've got his first ability to level 4, and he's giving +1 shield to all your supports, suddenly your servos stay around a LOT longer, plus the will count to your total if you get off his final ability.

    Currently I'm running:

    Iron League Steed
    Lashweed Lurker
    Harbinger of Tides

    Scour from Existence

    Psychic Rebuttal
    Oath of Jace
    Jace's Sanctum
    Spinx's Tutelage
    Orbs of Warding

    I had Accomplished Automaton in, but found I wanted more options to remove creatures than aggression. Self-Assembler seems like it might be good fit for him too, let's you run more supports since this creature tutors up the next copy of itself every time you play it.
  • KragHavok
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    Here's a build that I am happy with...

    Thropter Spy Network
    Prism Array
    Corrupted Grafstone
    Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
    Sunken Hollow
    Talent of the Telepath
    Lashweed Lurker
    Distended Mindbender
    Decimator of the Provinces

    Not great for long QB runs, but a solid deck. Key is to get Claustrophobia out early and keep it protected with his first ability. Lashweed for bounce. Decimator for creature bashing. Mindbender for opponent discard. Very effective combo and the mana generators keep the spells flowing. Prism Array gives occasional paralysis and card draw.

    Final PW power is bitchin and cheap.

    I agree that Kaladesh will make him even more effective and I am happy with my recent purchase.
  • Avacyn
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    Most of the spells in this deck is self-explanatory. So I'm just going to touch on things that I feel are key.


    Metalwork Colossus (MC): is the prime damage dealer.
    Padeem: the servo helps lower the cost of MC. protects MC with hex proof. he also triggers tutelage.
    Tamiyo's Journal: the token helps lower MC cost and trigger tutelage.
    Helm of the Gods: giving firststrike to MC or whoever you feel needs a bump in threat level.
    Shrine of the forsaken gods: 3mana per turn. numerous spell in this deck can benefit from it activated ability, including MC.

    it worth trying out if you have the cards.

    have a nice day~
  • Smash666
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    Hi everybody! I've been toying around with Mr Tezzeret and I've come up with this deck. It's not a flash one but it does seem to work.
    Thopter Spy Network 
    Oath of Jace
    Currupted Grafstone 
    Sunken Hollow 
    Sphinx's  Tutelage 
    Turn to Frog 
    Mizzium Meddler 
    Nebelgast  Herald 
    Uninvited Geist 
    Try it out, and if anyone can improve on it let me know.
    Happy gaming