Reset activation gems on reinforce

CZack Posts: 3
Reinforcing a creature or support with an activation ability is inefficient compared to cards with "enter the battlefield" effects, because you don't get any additional benefit other than the extra shield or creature stats. Also, cards with activation abilities tend to weaken over time, as the activation gems fall to the bottom of the grid and become inaccessible. Finally, sometimes you can cast an expensive support like Pyromancer's Goggles and by sheer bad luck, the gems are out of reach, and you just wasted 25 mana. There's no way to take an unlucky activation support and convert it into something useful to recoup some of the lost mana.

To fix this, reinforcing should recast activation gems. At the time you reinforce the permanent, its gems disappear as if you destroyed it. At the beginning of your next turn, the gems reappear in random locations as if you had cast it for the first time last turn. This gives the player more strategic decisions about how to handle activation cards, and allows redundant supports to be more than just dead weight.

You could theoretically do the same thing with trap gems.