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  • Thanks! Replaced Knight of the White Orchid with Relic Seeker and Scour From Existence with Smite the Monstrous. Working well so far, haven't lost a match since the changes!
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    Usually when playing this Gideon I spam first strike/Enshrouding Mist. Consul's Lieutenant is amazing with Gids, as his first ability gives Flying and Vigilance which makes the Lieutenant a monster to deal with. And let's not forget Runaway Carriage: If Gids manages to get his first ability on the Carriage, it's pretty much game over.

    One of the things I like about this Gideon here is that he's one of the few planeswalkers with whom you can build a relatively decent deck without rares/mythics (not a tourney-worthy deck, sure, but still), and for me that's a plus. Here's one example of such rare-less deck I once run (before getting Drownyard Temple and Tamiyo's Journal)

    Consul's Lieutenant
    Enlightened Ascetic
    Totem-Guide Hartebeest
    Patron of the Valiant

    Smite the Monstrous
    Scour from Existence
    Healing Hands
    Enshrouding Mist
    Allied Reinforcement

    Knightly Valor
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    This Gideon is only level 30 for me right now and hardly ever used. That being said I intend to turn him into my event deck soon or later. Currently the build is for the Terrors in the Night Event (spirits everywhere). It is an okay deck but I am always looking for advice on how to improve. Here is what my deck is with explanations:

    Blessed Spirits: A little expensive but spam some supports to make it grow
    Drogskol Cavalry: A decent sized defender that will give you life per spirit summoned and let you summon spirits
    Ghostly Sentinel: flying defender
    Dauntless Cathar: Cheap defender that becomes a spirit when she dies
    Spectral Shepherd: Cheap 4/4 spirit
    Apothecary Geist: Cheap with some life gain

    Declaration in Stone: Creature removal

    Mirrorpool: My go to support for the obvious reasons
    Sigil of Valor: beef up your ghosts
    Knightly valor: create a defender, summon a defender token and buff a creature

    I feel this relies too heavily on creatures. I would like advice on how others would take this spirit deck and make it great. I have a decent amount of cards so suggest away. I would love the advice.
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    I am running this:

    Consul's Lieutenant - First strike, Renown, and gives a +1/+1 to other attacking creatures you control.
    Enlightened Ascetic - Lifelink
    Iroas's Champion - Double Strike
    Knight of the White Orchid - Defender, and First Strike
    War Oracle - Lifelink

    Declaration in Stone - Removal

    Always Watching - Vigilance, and gives a +2/+2 to non token creatures you control.
    Hixus, Prison Warden - Lock down on creatures which attack you.
    Murder Investigation - Makes 1/1 white soldier tokens whenever a creature you control dies.
    Sword of the Animist - Gives first creature you control +2/+2, and destroys a 3x3 block of gems whenever it attacks.

    This is a pretty resilient deck. I've been down to 20 life playing against Sorin, and come back to win at full health. Its great for grinding in Quick Battles because it tends to win at full health. I'm pretty consistently able to win even if starting at half health.

    Hixus, Prison Warden, and Murder Investigation are occasionally really great, but usually dead in hand compared to anything else.

    It plays itself mostly. It is helpful to play for the manapw.png gems to get the activations off Gideon to give the team +4/+4 once you have a creature with Call to Arms, or three in play, or Sharp Eyes for Vigilance and Flying. Champion is good if there is an onslaught of fatty creatures on a First Strike, or Double Strike creature so that it heals each round.
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    My cheap fit for gideon ( lack of card) , best used in lvl 40-50

    I have my game in french so I'll try to translate as much as possible

    Serene steward (U)

    Lone rider (U) 1/1 first strike, lifelink, transform into a 4/4 first strike, lifelink, stomping if your planeswalker get healed by 3 hp
    (idk if it's a glitch or not but if freshly put on board with defense and 3+ attack, it will not die and actually transform due to first strike )

    Soul Sanctificator (R) 5/6 for 7 mana, gain +1/+1 for each of your creature arriving on the board until the end of your turn
    When one of your creature dies, invoke a spirit 1/1 flying (previously war oracle)

    curative hand (C) heal 5 hp and draw 1 card

    Abolition of existence (C) ( or so) destroy a creature and ingest 3, for 12 mana ( because i don't have any others control spell)

    focus of the harbringer (C) gives +2/+2 and damage prevention

    sigil of valor (C) (must be changed)

    encensor of the true faith (C)

    Oath of gideon (R)

    The deck is mainly based onto the lone rider and the serene steward,
    Buffing the lone rider should be a priority, the more statuts it have the better it is, giving him the wary and fly statuts combined with the first strike actually make it impossible to pass, and usually kill any creature before they become a big threat. The most important statut to have is the berserker, combined with the focus of the harbringer, enemy creature usually dies in 1 hit or 2.
    The soul sanctificator works in pair with the oath of gideon, giving temporary burst, it works as a filler like most of the card listed above, but the high base stat make it pretty good
    Due to the lack of creature control, losing the board would often mean losing the game if there's any heavily buffed creature
    I know there's a lot of change to do in the deck but it works pretty good against any non creature control deck.
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    horsek wrote:
    Lone rider (U) 1/1 first strike, lifelink, transform into a 4/4 first strike, lifelink, stomping if your planeswalker get healed by 3 hp
    (idk if it's a glitch or not but if freshly put on board with defense and 3+ attack, it will not die and actually transform due to first strike )

    I just added Lone Rider/It That Rides as One to replace War Oracle, and I could not be more please. I have rather a lot of pump effects, so getting it to Transform is not hard. This is now my favorite early drop.
  • Andrea
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    I think the new mythic "deploy the gatewatch" has been created specifically for this PW.
    I mean, 23 mana cost, but you can then play Knight of the white orchid, or Oderic or other big creatures at the same time, just to have the best out of the second ability (and boost 3 already huge creatures +4/+4 each).

    anybody has already udes this card with Gideon yet?

  • I think that Gideon is designed for white weenie and not for fat angels/eldrazis. And you do not want to deploy the gatewatch into Lone Rider for instance.
  • SeditiousCanary
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    Enlightened Ascetic - OK, but may get revisited for the lifelink to trigger Lone Rider/It That Rides as One sooner.
    Knight of the White Orchid - Too expensive, and mostly only made it as long as it did because of the ETB effect, and first strike.
    War Oracle - Too expensive, slow, and no other selling points to make it worth keeping.
    Murder Investigation

    Consul's Lieutenant - First strike, Renown, and gives a +1/+1 to other attacking creatures you control.
    Iroas's Champion - Double Strike
    Lone Rider/It That Rides as One - First strike, Lifelink, and maybe Trample
    Serene Steward - Pump

    Declaration in Stone - Removal
    Silverstrike - Removal

    Always Watching - Vigilance, and gives a +2/+2 to non token creatures you control.
    Hixus, Prison Warden - Lock down on creatures which attack you.
    Mirrorpool - Creature doubler...
    Sword of the Animist - Gives first creature you control +2/+2, and destroys a 3x3 block of gems whenever it attacks.

    I'm probably going to replace Silverstrike with Smite the Monstrous.

    Lone Rider/It That Rides as One is really the star here. Turn 1 with Mirrorpool, then turn 2 Sharp Eyes will transform, then its all about getting out Always Watching, and Sword of the Animist, while pumping with Gideon's loyalty abilities.

    Serene Steward is on a trial basis. So far, meh... Its done some good things, but without life gain other than Lone Rider/It That Rides as One, its not very good, albeit strictly better than Relic Seeker.

    I'm probably going to replace Silverstrike with Smite the Monstrous for more targeted removal.

    Frankly, one of the most satisfying things is watching someone play Olivia, Mobilized for War, then seeing it die the same turn, you gain life, and still have all your creatures. Its amazingly one sided, and plays very consistently.
  • Looking for help with My Gideon, Battle Forged Deck:

    This is what Im currently running for Nodes of Power

    Serene Steward
    Lone Rider
    Spectral Sheperd
    Paranoid Parish-Blade
    Nearheath Chaplain

    Declaration in Stone
    Give no Ground
    Ethereal Guidance

    Port Town

    The tactic ive been using is get lone rider or Chaplain out early and use give no ground to get rider to transform and hold off any attacks. Then use steward to buff up my rider, I had toyed around with War Oracle, and im not in love with sheperd either. Port town is not really useful most of the time, and would like to replace it with something. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Out: silverstrike in: smite the monsterous
    Out: ethereal guidance in: knightly valour.
    Out: port town in: canopy vista
    Out: Spectral Sheperd in: consuls lieutenant
  • Hi all.

    Here is a very cheap Gideon deck with which I just achieved a 20+ wins in a row.

    It's very basic with enhancement supports and cheap cost efficient creatures.

    Paranoid allied - uncommon - 4/3 - cost 6
    Serene steward - uncommon - 4/4 - cost 6
    Town Gossip Monger - uncommon - 2/2 - cost 6
    Visionary amplifier - uncommon - 4/3 - cost 6
    Solemn recruit - rare - 3/3 - cost 6

    Knightly valor - uncommon - cost 9
    Vengeance campaign - uncommon - cost 8
    Murder investigation - common - cost 5
    Brawler's plate - uncommon - cost 8
    Sigil of valor - uncommon - cost 9

    Apart from the classic serene steward / campaign of vengeance combo all is very straight forward. Cheap creatures come all the time. They get enhanced and replaced when killed. They kill other creatures and deal damage. Always keep some Gideon bonus to give flight to one of them.

    Enjoy. It's cheap and terribly efficient.
  • Snappyturtle
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    2 years since the last post! Phew. Time for an update build.
    Haazda Marshall(U; this thing is bomb for an uncommon)
    Leonin Vanguard(R)
    Lena, Selfless Champion(R)


    Conclave Tribunal(U)
    Memorial to Glory(R)
    Ixalan's Binding(R)
    Gilded Lotus(R)
    Sigiled Sword of the Valeron(R)

    This deck is without a doubt costly being mostly rares. Everything feeds into each-other. Haazda creates soldier tokens for Leonin and Lena gets fed by the Sigiled Sword. With the large amounts of reinforcements Conclave Tribunal costs a low 4 mana to exile and Camaraderie gets the full 18 life gain with max card draw easy. Then there is the mana helpers(that the origin single colored planeswalkers struggle with) with Lotus and Memorial creating more soldiers for Leonin if needed.
    The idea is to use Gideons 1 for the AI's in pvp events to spam his Vigilance buff with flying and being reinforced with a first strike and token generater of the Sigiled Sword. You can create an effective wall with his first ability for cheap. And take care of  creatures that don't have haste easy. Isolate doubles for exile to prevent from damage abilities from triggering and most importantly for supports.

    And for anyone that can't, build with Haazda and Conclave in mind(both uncommons so easy to get). Pop the Vigilance onto the lifelink soldiers. Just keep mana gain high with other gem converters like Rupture Spire. And some draw. Keep in mind that mana is the issue usually with origin walkers so, keep cheap.

    Addendum: Hexproof creatures to go against black/blue/red decks that mostly use targeted spells.
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    @Snappyturtle You've inspired me to remake my deck for Gideon 1 with this last post. It was nice starting point but I tweaked it a bit making it pure Knight tribal. Here's what I'm playing on standard right now with:

    Creatures (3)

    Lena, Selfless Champion
    Dauntless Bodyguard
    Danitha Capashen, Paragon

    Spells (1)


    Supports (6)

    Gilded Lotus
    Zhalfrin Void
    Sigled Sword of Valoran
    History of Benalia
    Conclave Tribunal
    Alhammarret's Archive

    Dauntless Bodyguard makes any creature buffed with Gideons 1st immune to damage and that most of the time means a cakewalk vs creature based decks. There were lot of times when AI used targeted damage removal on big creature with vigilance rather than single Bodyguard. And there are a lot of potential targets for this ability.
    History of Benalia is really strong. For 12 mana it pretty much gives 10/9 with First Strike. Tokens feed Lena and 3rd saga pumps whole team. It's main payoff for staying all Knights.
    Danitha lowers the cost of all supports by 2 (half of the deck is Historic so it's really cheap to boost her discount) which is very useful for PW with such low mana bonuses. Also she's pretty cheap, has relevant First Strike, making her good target for Gideon's 1st and there aren't a lot of decent knight other than her anyways.
    I dislike gem converters on Origins PW's so I went with Zhalfrin Void. I think flat mana gain is better on them. Also the card draw is nice. Having 3 cratures of the same type may tempt to play with Unclaimed Territory but 5 mana difference is a lot here.
    Alhammarret's Archive is mostly for card draw. It's not spectacular and would switch it for a better substitude - something like Tamiyo's Journal would be perfect. Still it's decent enough as it complements Danitha in pretty much every way. Vanquisher's Banner would most likely be strictly better but I don't have it.

    It definatelly isn't cheap but hell is it strong and conistent in PvE events, even in Legacy it is an easy mode in some encounters, just swap Alhammarret's Archive for Tamiyo's Journal and Zhalfrin Void for any better cheap mana gain.
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    I'm still a relative n3wb (casual, free-to-play, yada yada yada), but I've been enjoying a great deal of success with this "Pauper + 1" Gideon 1 deck, often ending with the full 104 health I started with — even against ≥ 300–400 HP opponents:

    • Creatures — 5
      • Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt (M)
      • Fencing Ace (U)
      • Vizier of Deferment (U)
      • Silverflame Squire
      • Daybreak Champion
    • Spells — 4
      • Integrity (U)
      • Righteousness
      • Enshrouding Mist
      • Eternal Isolation
    • Supports — 1
      • Bronze Sword

    I admit it's a little bit prone to bouncing, but usually, once I get out a Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt [6/8 + Double Strike], or a couple Fencing Aces [2/2 + Double Strike], buff them with Silverflame Squire's Adventuring skill [+4/+4 for 4 mana?! Why bother with the actual creature anymore??], and then give them Gideon 1's Vigilance and Flying (et al), it's off to the races: most creatures get eaten up when they try to attack, especially if I Flash a Righteousness [+7/+7] — which lasts until the end of *MY* turn, too...  Especially handy with Double Strike!  «grin»

    I'm sure there are a ton of better [read: "expensive"] cards that could round out the supporting cast, but Vizier of Deferment is a nice way to "earn a tempo" against more powerful creatures early on; Daybreak Champion offers that little bit of health every now and then; Bronze Sword and Enshrouding Mist don't hurt; and Integrity is fun for when the opponent plays, e.g., a 4/4 with crazy "When this creature is destroyed..." secondary effects — I can give *IT* +2/+2, thus making it eligible for immediate exile by Eternal Isolation!  😈

    Thanks for letting me share...  :-D