Patch Notes - R105 (07/18/16)

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Take wing…

What’s New
    - PVP action with Vision! - A Boss returns for vengeance?!

What’s Changed
    - Roster & Character Select screen: When viewing the character power level bar, selecting a power level reveals the description as if your character currently had that power level. *(See screenshot #1) - Power Shift screen: A button now displays below the ‘Drop Power Level’ button allowing you to see a description of the previous power level. *(See screenshot #2) - Roster screen (player’s character collection) is now scrollable horizontally. *(See screenshot #3) - Join Forces missions (where a character is provided for the player): A copy of the character with more levels and more power levels is selected. The game no longer selects the player's character by default. - Reworked Venom (Dark Avengers)’s Symbiote Snare power. Lower levels of the power require Web tiles to be on the board to activate the power. Each power level reduces this requirement until it reaches 0. The power no longer stuns the entire opposing team at Power Level 5. - Match hint now correctly shows the proper tiles when tiles were converted to another color using a power. - Game once again shuffles tiles properly if the last remaining match on the board is locked. - War Machine's Aerial Assault once again creates Attack tiles after the Aerial Assault Countdown tile is locked, then unlocked. - Raise Level button no longer loses functionality if a character was partially leveled in R103 or earlier.

*Screenshot #1

*Screenshot #2

*Screenshot #3
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