Yet another "Looking for an alliance" post

Ronfar Posts: 150
edited March 2014 in MPQ Alliances
In-game name: CronoDAS

Notable Roster Members:

L122 Punisher 3/5/5
L85 IM40 5/5/3
L80 Hulk 5/2/2
L66 Spider-Man 3/4/4
L64 Magneto 3/2/2

L85 Black Widow 3/5/5
L85 Thor 3/5/5
L85 Wolverine 5/5/3
L85 Storm 5/5/3
L73 Ares 4/5/4

I routinely place in the top 5 of the PvP events I want the cover awards from, and I have every 3* character except Modern Thor, every 2* character, and even a couple of 4* covers. I ran Thor/Wolverine/OBW until I recently got The Punisher's level up high enough to replace Wolverine. I didn't do so well in the latest Hulk event, but I'm usually pretty active and, now that Alliance rewards are live, I'd like to grab some of those extra prizes, even if it's just a few spare ISO for participation.