5* Steve Rogers: Why He Needs Fixing & How to Fix Him



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    All 5* should be on a par with OML n Phx, so choosing between them is difficult and even enjoyable.

    With that in mind..

    Steve Rogers (First Avenger) icon_captainamerica.png
    5 Star Rarity (Legendary) Wiki Link
    At Max Level: HP: 49845 Tile Damage: 615/547/478/78/72/66/4.0x

    Earth’s Mightiest Heroes - 12 yellowtile.png AP
    United we stand! Captain America calls his allies to his side to defend freedom. Creates 5 1-turn Countdown tiles, each with different effects. Falcon rallies to protect, Hawkeye prepares to stun, Ant-Man readies an attack, Scarlet Witch conjures a spell, and Winter Soldier draws his weapon. Ends the turn.

    Countdown Tiles Max Level
    Yellow - Falcon swoops across the battlefield, deflecting incoming attacks with his wings. He places 3 strength 1366 Yellow Protect tiles.
    Red - Winter Soldier steadies his rifle and fires off a shot dealing 19291 damage.
    Purple - Ant-Man summons a swarm of ants into the fray! Places 3 strength 765 Purple Attack tiles.
    Blue - Hawkeye fires off an electric arrow, stunning a random enemy for 3 turns.
    Green - Scarlet Witch rends spacetime, dealing 7280 damage to the enemy team.

    Shield Bash - 9 redtile.png AP
    Shield raised, Steve charges forward, deflecting incoming projectiles and smacking his enemy where it hurts. Deals 1496 damage to the target and creates 2 strength 77 Protect tile for each teammate still standing.

    Max Level
    Level 3: Deals 7870 damage and creates 1 strength 1470 tiles.
    Level 4: Deals 7870 damage and creates 2 strength 1148 tiles.
    Level 5: Deals 9729 damage and creates 2 strength 1648 tiles.

    Coordinated Offensive - 7 bluetile.png AP
    Everybody to me! New plan - let’s take the fight to them. Removes up to 8 random friendly Strike, Protect, and Attack tiles, then for each removed, deals 354 damage to the target and gives his team a burst of 245 health.

    Max Level
    Level 3: For each tile removed, deals 1741 damage and gives a burst of 1206 health.
    Level 4: For each tile removed, deals 1902 damage and gives a burst of 1317 health.
    Level 5: For each tile removed, deals 2062 damage and gives a burst of 2028 health.