ATPQ Patch Notes (06/30/16)

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The new update for Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is going live today!


New Features

• New Item: Soul Gem!
    - This item costs 30 Hero Coins and can be purchased from Choose Goose at any time - Use it in battle to return a dead party member to life with 20% of their maximum health

• More ability ranks!
Character abilities can now be ranked up to 5!
• Recruit more characters to boost the power of your team

Gold Pack!
    - The 10-pack booster now awards a GUARANTEED Gold character (No longer grants the player free Roster Slots)

• Look out! Reminder Notifications:
    - Daily Gift is available - A tournament has just ended - Jake is bored and lonely

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue causing server errors at the end of PVP tournament battles
• Fixed the Tournament Rank display showing incorrect prizes at most ranks
• Fixed some localization issues across the app
• Improved appearance of Jake’s leg when he stretches
• Healer description now properly describes the healing effect as a percentage of max health
• Fixed a number of cases of ability descriptions being off by 1 damage
• Ability descriptions now use proper rank data for numerical portion of the description
• And more!

ATPQ 1.95.528240
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