Retribution is full

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Sorry all, we are full. It was super tough and nothing personal to those that didn't get in. I wish I could have gotten you all in!


  • is there an official alliance thread?
  • Hi! Just applied to join. Have a 141 and a few 85s. Usually place top 5 in tournaments.
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    I just applied as well. I do not have a really high-powered team compared to the rest of the alliance that I've checked out, but I am an active daily player and have taken home a few top 10 finishes and a handful of top 5's.
  • just applied hope u guys let me rock with you in these tournaments
  • Hey just applied. Doubt ill get in. My team is not as high most of the members. Anyways I play every day and I'm currently ranked 33 in fearless defenders. Hope I can be apart of the alliance.

  • Hey there,

    I'd love to be a part of this alliance. I'm a daily player with a diverse roster and highly competitive - I'm currently ranked 135 in my bracket in Predator and Prey. I hope you consider me.

  • I have applied likewise. I'm just starting to get some viable 3 star characters and have a strong set of 2 star characters. I play everyday, often through out the day.
  • Applied. (fingers crossed)
  • Hey, just applied to join as well. Have a few 141s and a bunch of 85s. Daily player and usually finish top 5 in tournaments. Hope to be able to join you guys. Thanks!
  • Just applied - only on day 45. I would say, based on peeking at other rosters that I am not doing bad.
    You guys be the judge.

  • LordWill
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    You guys aren't making this easy. There is only one slot left and this sucks. Now I know how the judges on those reality shows feel when they have to cut someone.

    If you guys don't get in now, I am really sorry. However, if they open up more slots down the road, I'll add more when they do.
  • I thought I'd give some more information about myself, hopefully making your decision easier. I'm only on day 75, though I managed to place in the top 10 in the recent Predator and Prey event featuring Black Panther, a rank I've gotten a few times by now. My current favorite team is a 4/5/4 lv 85 **Wolverine and a 3/4/5 lv 77 **Black Widow, with a 4/5/4 lv 85 **Thor and a 5/4/4 lv 61 **Storm as back up. I'm trying to get more 3 star covers, particularly Doom and Magneto, which are 5/0 and 2/2/1, respectively, and to get another blue cover each for Black Widow and Storm.
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    Wow, these alliances fill up damn quick. I just applied in game.
  • Hey LordWill, would like to join the alliance if you still have room. i play daily and usually finish in top 10 of most PVP and top 15% of PVEs. roster stands at 33.
  • Hello, I just applied for your alliance. Been playing religiously for a few months now. If I played any more my wife would probably want a divorce lol. My name in game is WhoStoleMyName. Hope I can get accepted your alliance looks awesome! icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    Hi i just applied im a new player but i play daily ive got a 100+ punisher patch and even a full covered *** thor(day 47)
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    I just applied myself. I'm a multi-hour per day player at day 90. I've got a few maxed **s and am in the transition phase between those and my fledgling *** roster. I've got two ***s over level 100 and am working on a couple others. I'll probably work to max out my Punisher though before I go too much further with my other ***s.
  • Also on a side note, I plan on making the $100 HP purchase as soon as they have a sale so I can get some of my rare hero skills up. Hopefully this will help your decision!
  • LordWill
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    Sorry all, we are full. It was super tough and nothing personal to those that didn't get in. I wish I could have gotten you all in!