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Patch Notes - R104 (07/07/16)

David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin

Gamma gamma hey!

What’s New
    - Versus combat with Peggy Carter! - Juggernaut PVE!

What’s Changed
    • VIP mode now underway! Fixed purchase error bug related to VIP mode. • Leveling characters much faster when using Raise Level button. • Selling a cover in your Reward Cache no longer sends you to the top of the Reward Cache list. • Nick Fury no longer has his back turned to the enemy during battle. • Fortified tiles no longer lose Fortification effect when converted to a Countdown tile. • Banner at the beginning of Wave 2 no longer displays Wave 1. • Screen shake animation no longer continues when viewing Options Menu after using Steve Rogers (First Avenger)'s Shield Bash. • Fixed Countdown tile descriptions for Criterion's Shadow Knives & Detonate and Control's Teleneuropathy. • Gameboard no longer sometimes fails to reshuffle when no matches are available. • Incorrect tiles no longer highlighted during the move tile hint sequence. • Yelena Belova has been removed from Standard packs and Prologue. She can still be earned as mission rewards in Versus events. • Fixed PC bug: Iso-8 amounts now update correctly after spending Iso-8 to level a character. • Banner for downing an enemy no longer appears before the player's power animation plays. • Daken (Dark Avengers)'s Healing & Heat now displays its banner correctly.
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