Looking for alliance

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Im currently looking for an alliance.

I currently have thorvolrine and obw at 85 and im40 abd gsbw at 100+.

I have line and kik.
Im also on day 144 of the daily resupply.
Thank you.


  • Bumping cause i still need an alliance.
  • Join us in Austria-Best ---- the commander is a BEAST lol and I soon will be icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Bumped again cause this is like job hunting now. Applying but i somehow never meet requirements.
  • ????? Don't have "requirements" for our Alliance --- and still have spots avail
  • Bumped again. Bleh.
  • Best of luck, I am just staying solo it seems since I, too, don't meet any requirements people ask for and do not want to pay to join only to be at risk of being kicked. If I had the ISO I'd just make my own damnit lol
  • DecoyDuck
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    Requirements? Payouts? Ha!
    We just want you to contribute to the alliance goals. No worries, no pressures.
    Join the CareBearStare alliance!

    PM me and I'll figure it out how to open a slot for you. Alliances are new so I'm open to spending a little to figure out the mechanics and to weigh its long-term value.
  • More bumpage cause Im still not requirementful.
  • Bumped again cause im not rich or have a job to meet requirements.
  • sent you a PM
  • rixmith
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    Join us in Warriors Five. No level requirements, still 2 slots open.