Looking for alliance

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Well as it looks like I going to need an alliance to join so I left the one I started which was joined by 4 random people.

I am currently in the transition phase between 2** and 3*** with the following top characters

Punisher 3/5/5 lvl 95
Patch 4/4/5 lvl 85
OBW 3/5/5 lvl 85
Wol 5/3/5 lvl 85
CStorm 5/5/3 lvl 75
C.Mags 5/2/2 lvl 65
Spiderman 3/5/5 lvl 61

Plus a large number in the 60-50 range. Basically I am more ISO limited at the moment than cover limited.

You can find the whole roster by looking at the leaderboard in the hulk currently in 6th place at time of writing.

Just looking to join an active alliance around my lvl.


  • Try taking a look at Clobberintime. I am a little further ahead am I am looking for people who want to win honestly and just have fun. I also can Facebook link as well for shared rewards.
  • Looks like your full now but thanks for the offer.
  • Try mine: SKYNET