looking for active alliance

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Very active player, boarding on obsessive icon_e_wink.gif

The OCD side of me is compelling me to max out all the characters.

If your looking for an active player, look me up ardrossan


  • Zirtak
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    What's your roster?
  • Sorry should have posted that...

    Iron man 40 lvl 115
    Grey suit bw. Lvl 92
    punisher. Lvl 90
    hulk. Lvl 89
    Ares, thor, storm, modern hawkeye, obw, wolverine and captain America all lvl 85
    draken. Lvl 69
    Im 35 and storm lvl 50

    Rest im still working on
  • Zirtak
    Zirtak Posts: 92 Match Maker
    And do you rank highly in tournaments?
  • Interested in Vermes Army? 10 slots and top alliance in tourney right now
  • Pretty high, not the top 10. But high enough for the good rewards
  • Zirtak
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    So last question: are you in the MPQ facebook group? If not, apply: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mpqshare/

    I'll boot someone from our Alliance, so we can have active players centered at one place.