DjangoUnbuffed is full

edited March 2014 in MPQ Alliances
Wow, we filled up pretty fast once the first alliance event started. Thank you guys and gals for your interest. I had to dismiss about ten applicants after the last spot became full and I felt bad to do it. New spots at this point are pretty expensive, so it got really hard to decide who to let in. For those that we didn't let in, I hope you have plenty of time to find a competitive alliance before this first event ends. If we can earn enough rewards, hopefully we can open up additional spots.

If your name happens to be WalkYourPath, Northern Polarity, Nemek, Nonce Equitaur, or TheLadder, PM me - I'm rushing out to buy a Google Play gift card right now! icon_e_biggrin.gif

Just kidding, tinykitty alliance. Don't hurt me!