Daily player looking for an alliance to join

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Edit: looks like joining is slightly trickier than I thought, so I guess I'm going to wait until I have a decent 3* team assembled before I try and figure it out. But thanks and good luck!


  • We're at about the same level. My husband is a bit behind, but he's frantically trying to catch up. Join Double Trouble if interested. We play daily.
  • Soitswritten
    Care if I join Rambosey?
  • Great, thanks!
  • Aaaannnnndddd you're all full. :/
  • I swear I had 3 open spots when I replied! I can add a spot if you're still interested.
  • Just added 3 more spots!
  • joined double trouble, if yall keep me around i grind everyday. on forums everyday
  • Welcome!

    Mandrew - let me know if you want a spot. Sorry to hijack your thread.
  • Double trouble is full. Would like to join. icon_e_smile.gif I have a lvl 80 and a couple 50+s and a lot of lvl 30+s. I play every day on my phone so I check in from anywhere.