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Hey folks, since alliances are now relevant I'm joining the club of people looking for an active alliance. My roster: http://puu.sh/7vbGI.jpg
In PvP I can place in top 15 brackets effortlessly, and top5 if I want to. I have 3 3*s with level 100 or more, two of which have 13 covers so I'm only held back by ISO currently, day 93. EU timezone and playing on Steam.

It would be great if an alliance of competent forum goers had a slot open for me.


  • Hi,

    I'll bite. I don't have an alliance yet, but I figure with the new changes to reward systems in tourneys that a whole lot of people will be looking for them now. Perhaps if a couple more people post in this thread one of us can start one - I'd be happy to be commander if nobody else wants to. Don't have a snappy alliance name though!

    My roster and PVP capabilities are similar to yours. I've actually banked ~100k iso though, and have been holding off on levelling characters because, frankly, I haven't needed to.

    Current high level / well covered characters:

    141 patch
    112 hulk (5/3/5)
    85 punisher (5/3/5)
    85 obw, ares, wolvie, storm
    80 IM40 (3/5/3)
    70 CMags (4/4/5) -->waiting for nerfbat
    55 spidey (3/5/5) -->waiting for nerfbat

    Might be worthwhile having a suggested roster quality, I've noticed some seem to request 3 level 100s as an example. Not sure if there will be many people with those sorts of levels, but we could only afford to get fussy if theres a lot of interest.

    Anyway, let me know what you think. I'll just repost this as it's own thread if you are set on joining an established roster!
  • KaioShinDE
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    I wouldn't mind creating a new one, though I'm currently out of ISO so I can't start it. But if you want to start one I'd be happy to join.

    I don't think the levels matter too much, but more importantly how active people are. I reached top 50 easily when I had a 2* team too. And probably a minimum number of active days to see people are playing the game long-term and not just for 2 weeks and then jump to the next shiny thing.