LOLCats - Can i has a new main forum topic?

There has been a ton of Character-specific talk on the boards latelty.

Some of it is in Tips & Guides...
....but a lot of that is people asking for tips and guides (not posting a tip or guide).

Some of it is in General Discussion...
....but a lot of that is people talking about abilities (some of it is asking for tips)

Some of it is in Suggestions & Feedback...
....but that is just people complaining about how OP C-Storm is (some of it is actually constructive - like "what new characters would you like to see")

Some of it is in Bugs &Technical Issues...
....but that is people -mostly- whining because they misread how a power works. ( and yes, there are some actual character bugs! )

Can we add a "Character Discussion" topic to the main board so people can take almost all of that discussion over there?

In the "Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting" #10 states that we should keep all discussions in the appropriate category.

If the "Character Discussion" topic is added, it will keep the other boards clearer. Need proof that we need this? Here is just ONE example out of many...

Tips and Guides:
Topic: ** Storm (Classic) **

General Discussion:
Topic: Classic Storm Discussion - Split from R41 Discussion
Topic: Classic Storm's yellow ability
Topic: Classic Storm: max green or yellow?

Suggestoins and Feedback:
Topic: Classic Storm is bad for the game

Bugs and Technical Issues:
Topic: Storm Classic Cover
Topic: Solo Classic Storm skill triggering
Topic: Iron Man and Storm Skills not going beyond level 4
Topic: Storm vs Storm - Raging Tempest chain reaction
Topic: Storm Raging Tempest bug?

So... just a very quick browse of the forums (titles only - didn't even look at content) and we have 10 topics discussing Classic Storm. Need I say more?

Let's make it happen people.


  • I agree. This is fairly common in many other forums. I often like to use it to gauge popularity of certain characters based on the activity of their subforum.
  • Thank you, Oh Icy Lord the 9th.
  • IceIX
    IceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 4,315 Site Admin
    Yep. Request made sense and is fairly easy for me to do since it doesn't involve the Server Admin getting involved (unlike adding a Reputation system). So... Done!

    I've moved many of the character related threads over to the new sub-forum. I purposefully didn't merge the topics however as that would get too cluttered since a few of them are already kind of deep in their own lines of conversation. Muddies the waters too much. Also left the bugs/feedback ones where they were since it helps stop others from posting the same thing there if they see a topic already.