<RagnaRocks> wants you! (GMT+8)

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Hey guys,

My friend and I created an Alliance named RagnaRocks quite a while ago, but since there are now gonna be rewards for Alliances...

We need more people!

We're looking for people who are similar to us, in the midst of transitioning from a 2* roster to a 3* roster, but if you've at least 2 maxed 2* Heroes, feel free to join.

It helps more if your timezone is around GMT+7 to GMT+9 and that's our timezone.


  • windfallstar
    Looks like my roster is in the same range as yours. Just joined!
  • I'll join if you don't mind. icon_e_smile.gif
    Got a max level Thor and Daken and a Level 111 cMags. cStorm and OBW are at 77 to be maxed as soon as I get another cover. I play every day.
    I'm from Germany so not quite your time zone. Hope that's not a problem.
  • Hi, I joined too. Have three *** maxed and I play everyday. Hope it's ok. Have fun icon_e_smile.gif
  • Welcome guys!

    Forums were down so I couldn't really reply...

    Hopefully they establish some form of group chat within the game, otherwise we can use LINE or something to communicate if there are more intensive alliance-based activities.
  • windfallstar
    In game messaging is a feature that they're planning to implement soon! Also PMs on the forum can work in a pinch.
  • Fair enough, let's just attempt to get the highest possible points we can get individually and see where we turn up on the alliance ranking yeah.
  • Hi all! Im in your alliance.
    Dont worry about my level. I get rank between 5-25 in tournaments and about 500-700 points.
    I need BWO, Ares, Thor...only.
    I have 29 spaces, 27 heroes, +130000 iso, 90 normal tokens, 33 heroic tokens...