<Thule> aliance

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We are looking for people who will play on a daily basis and has a decent enough roster. We chat and skype about our Marvel Mega adventures, and have a blast!
If you are interested please reply here or go and aply ingame, if you are serious we will take you onboard.


  • still have 2 open spots ! icon_e_wink.gif
  • Want to join your alliance
  • go go it is open atm just join icon_e_wink.gif
  • also will extend our roster as soon as possible.
  • Curently we are 3 people: Guore13 - myself
    teperto - irl firend

    Our rosters are decent and we all play on a daily basis that is our main requirement for the alliance, so that we rank decent rewards in the upcoming events. Hope to find some good ladds to join us. For the matter of the roster increase I, hopfully we will do it as soon as it will matter, i`m preety sure you can get a much better ranking with more members.
    It would however be great if you could donate coins instead of asking for the whole amount, that way i think alot more alliances would expand. Gonna make a sugestion on this topic.

    I hope we will do great things togather ! One more open spot for now!
  • I also want to mention that i will be monitoring your rosters if i see someone afk for more than a weekish and he wont announce it he will be removed
  • how are we on our ratings my men? icon_e_smile.gif

    i`m sitting on 500 now gonna grind some more up later.
    hope you all will do your best and we get a decent rank. Even if we are few we can manage and we will get more and more to join. As soon as we get some coins i hope to get more spots. If any of you want to donate a spot to the alliance i will promote you to captain. That ofc means i will not be able to remove you later on. So think about it icon_e_smile.gif