Recruiting members

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Grill Em is the name of the alliance. Serious inquiries only not asking you to be maxed out, me and my friend refuse to spend money on the game, but we both play a lot. I have 73 days straight. If interested join, event starts today with alliance implications.


  • Hi want to join your alliance
  • Hi. I'd be interested in joining your alliance. I play daily and pretty consistently end up in top tier reward bracket (not necessarily 4*, but 3 3*).
  • Soitswritten
    I'd like to join. I've got three 3* in the 90's and three 2* maxed and leveling many others that are cover maxed.
  • I'm looking for a team as well.
    My top for characters right now are:
    120 punisher
    85 obw
    89 hulk
    85 wolverine yellow
  • Looking for a team as well. Top 5 finish on pvp tournaments usually.