Pod Six - Casual, Non-competitive Alliance



  • Desufnoc23Desufnoc23 Posts: 35 Just Dropped In
    We're still looking to fill in a few spots. We are a fun group that's been around for a long time that focuses on casual play but we still clear our Alliance events. Come join us before we fill up.
  • Osvaldo21Osvaldo21 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    I put My ne hope to get accepted  thanks 
  • Desufnoc23Desufnoc23 Posts: 35 Just Dropped In
    Looking for a few to replenish our ranks. We are well established with a good sense of humor. Come hang out with us. :)

  • OzzieArcaneOzzieArcane Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    I searched the alliance and have put in an attempt to join. I recently came back after being on a break for a couple months. Been back for for about a month and a half. Been going for full progression rewards on the story events every time. Mainly looked on here and saw you guys cause I want an alliance that will hopefully get good progress on the Spider-Man vs Sinister Six Alliance event starting tomorrow and the random alliance I had joined doesn't seem very active.
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