ATPQ Patch Notes (06/07/16)

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ATPQ v1.94!
(Available now for all supported devices.)

Starter Pack
    New Starter Pack available for $1.99 USD (one-time purchase only). Starter Pack contains:
    - 1 Enchiridion Book. (Exclusive! Only obtainable in Starter Pack. This trinket adds 5% extra experience after each node is complete. Recharge it at Choose Goose for 10 Hero Coins per charge.) - 2 Roster Slots - 1 Homemade Pickle - 1 Special Recipe Pickle - 2 Everything Pizza - 2 All Better Potion

Game Improvements
    Special Ability descriptions have been improved. Variables for damage, healing, etc. now shown where applicable. More accurate descriptions for most moves added. Battle HUD now displays a character's health & mana in numerical values. Wishes no longer automatically upgrade characters in your Roster - Characters now upgraded through the "Upgrade" window. Tournament Select Screen is now scrollable (Can view more than 2 tournaments at a time). Reduced grunt health and damage by approximately 10%. Store buttons are now more sparkly!

Bug Fixes
    Upgrade prompt no longer shows the Tutorial each time game is restarted. Fixed Inventory failing to recognize items in some situations. Players now able to receive deliveries if they have over 100 undelivered items. The "Max" button in the "Train" window no longer causes inaccuracies in the Magic Dust counter.

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