Looking for an alliance

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I play this game quite a bit and am looking to join an alliance with people that play frequently... I play at least 3 hours a day... Most of my characters have all of their covers...

Daken (9/10)
Astonishing Wolverine (12/13)
MN Thor (11/13)
Iron Man 40 (10/13)
Rags (6/10)
Classic Mags (8/13)
DareDevil (9/13)
Hood (11/13)
Spidey ((9/13)
Hulk (9/13)
Black Panther (9/13)
Doom (9/10)
Invisible Woman (6/13)
X-Force Wolvy (3/13)

I have the resources at my disposal to level any character as high as needed and finish off covers if necessary

Send me a PM on here or find me in game... My in game name is Mooseman283


  • So... Nobody wants me?
  • I`d like to have you, in our aliance Thule. go and read our alliance thread if you are interested. Thank you!
  • I am currently sitting on 300 points in fearless defenders... Looking to join an alliance that will place high... I will be using shields to keep my point total high