new sets

ShawnP1 Posts: 128 Tile Toppler
It would be interesting if every few months they could release an old set like Return to Ravnica Mirrodin etc. They could do full set releases of "major" blocks Origins BfZ and Oath, then gradually release cards from other sets. This way no one could complain that the full set wasn't released or they felt tricked. People would know the "minor" sets would be gradually released, while "major" sets would be full release on date X. Otherwise there is a LOT we will be lacking and with more cards they could easily raise drop rates too. We would gain much more variety in deck building as well. Does this seem reasonable?


  • Ryudhyn
    Ryudhyn Posts: 59 Match Maker
    I really like this idea. Every month or so, just release like 4 new cards of each color that can help balance or shake up the meta. And then with major releases, they can do the massive overhauls