More high-rank Quick Battle Tiers

Upstartes Posts: 98
I have noticed that in the 3000-player Quick Battle events, the tier for Rank 11-50 contains a great disparity in scores across the tier. Given my play-time, it's not too hard to make it to Rank 50, but it's near impossible to make it to 10. Somewhere around Rank 30, the difficulty of advancing farther gets dramatically harder.

As such, once I reach around Rank 40 or so, I loose interest in the event. I will pay some attention to make sure I'm not getting bumped down and out of the tier, but I completely stop trying to advance further.

If a goal of the game is to encourage people to be as competitive as possible in the QB events (I assume this is a goal - a lot of things point in that direction), then breaking the 11-50 tier into two or three separate tiers would encourage me to get more competitive. If there was a break point around 20-25, I'd probably keep going, rather than stopping somewhere in the 30s.