PLEASE Reset equipped boost selection when changing events

pressatobegin Posts: 20
My biggest - and possibly only - pet peeve with the game is that equipped boosts don't reset after changing events.

For example, when I finish trying to grind a difficult event with an arsenal of boosts, forget that I have them equipped, then go into a DP Daily or something and instinctively click through the FIGHT! buttons, the game automatically uses the same boosts I had equipped for the hard event because I forgot I had them equipped. Huge waste of boosts. More often than not I forget this a couple of times, blowing through a ton of perfectly good boosts on an event I could complete in my sleep.

Sure, I can only be mad at myself, but having a safeguard in there would save me from myself and it would be much, much appreciated. 3 years of playing this game and I still do this frustratingly frequently.