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This is purely fictional, but i hope that this brings up discussion:

"Dear players, we at D3 have heard your suggestions and are making improvements.

First of all, we improve guilds.
1) From now on, guild leaders can leave similar pop up style message of the day as in events in game to help communicate with guild members.

2) We improve guilds iso contribution. From now on you can contribute excess covers to guilds collection. Each cover will give 1-5 points depending of the star rating and when certain treshold is met the daily reward will increase. 500 points will raise daily iso reward to 400 iso, 1200 points gives 750 iso etc. Up to 1200 iso daily from guild

Secondly, we want to appreciate our long time players.

1) Every player will get their own yearly rewards, when you reach 365 days you get token that lets you upgrade any existing characters skill by one

2) Your iso rewards will be increased to double at 365 days and after that to triple on 730days etc

We will also start testing game ourself by picking rosters randomly from playerbase and testing by that method instead of full 5* teams.

You are the ones that make our company shine, so we want to hone our playerbase and make you enjoy the game more



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    I read it three times not believing it(trying to find the info in the news).
    And than i read:
    "This is purely fictional"
    I've never been more dissapointed=)
  • Punatulkku
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    Ye i know, too good to be true -_-