4 star characters good or bad?

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so if done some searching and haven't been able to find the information I'm looking for.
I wanted to know mainly, are there any BAD 4 star players that aren't worth having?
Also, are there certain 4 stars i should look out for that are OP? i have about seven 4 star cards
and don't know if any are worthless. keep in mind i DO understand that having ALL the cards is
better that picking and choosing, so my questions still apply.


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    Here's the most recent character rankings thread, which is a really useful guide.

    Basically, if you have any Totally Awesome Hulks sitting in your queue, don't feel bad trashing them.
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    thanks for this post! i really appreciate it!
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    One man's trash is another's treasure as they say. I like Elektra for instance but most don't. You will find somebody who hates and somebody who swears by every character. Go to the character forum and read the individual threads for debate on uses, usefulness and ideal builds. I learned a lot from the Skrulls, colog, and many other users. Never trust anybody who says totally awesome hulk is any good though. They are either a fool or trying to trick you.
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    haha yea it seems like totally awesome hulk is on the same lvl as bagman!
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    There are a couple which are universally accepted to be awful.

    Totally awful hulk
    Bag lady

    Then there are some whom people debate

    Star lord

    The there are those which everyone accepts are awesome


    Really the best advice I can give is to read the character threads because people debate their uses everyday and it's easily the best way to find out if they're your bag or not.

    Really I find that almost everyone is useful in certain circumstances, when boosted or in certain teams (Falcap/switch/ant man for example)
    The only exceptions are TAHulk and bag lady they're really just bad all the time - a case could be made for xfw as well.
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    It's basically the same as with 3stars. The gap between the bottom and the top may be big but most of the characters in between are pretty usable even if some are niche specialist. That said the bottom 5 4stars from the top of my head are: Totally Awful Hulk, Invisible Woman, Elektra, Dino and Mr Failtastic. And except for the bottom two people will probably argue how great the others are in certain situations...like Mr F in combo with tile generators like carnage.

    But all in all i think it's better to concentrate on who's at the top and invest in those guys first.
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    thanks again guys icon_e_smile.gif i really appreciate the advice! im not a new player by any means, im at the point where im maxing out 3 stars and getting into 4 stars soon, so its nice hearing what majority people have to say about them! The four stars i have are
    -Hulk buster
    -The thing
    -Star lord
    -Professor X
    -The Punisher
    and i keep saving gold to get more slots, i want to get ALL 3 stars then move on to most 2 stars (for rewards) then on to all 4 stars.

    Question! is there enough slots you can buy to get every card?
  • snlf25snlf25 Posts: 947 Critical Contributor
    Yes, I have 91 roster slots for instance. They keep increasing in cost up to 1000 Hero Points each though so you've got to save hp and not blow it on shields or 100 hp daily vault deals and stuff like that.
  • SpeakEZSpeakEZ Age Unconfirmed Posts: 10
    im at a point where there costing 700 right now icon_razz.gif does it cap out at 1000?
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    Not sure IW is THAT bad. She definitely has her uses

    Compare her green with Totally Rubbish Hulk's green. Let's say both require 7 blue AP and 12 green AP (that 7 Blue to use IW's Force Bubbles, as well as to give Cho's green extra damage). At lv270, when Sue pops three bubbles, her green will do 6369 base damage plus whatever tile and potential cascade damage. For Hulkcho, his green will do 4114 + 7(180) damage, which is 5374 base plus potential cascade damage.

    For comparison, Thing's green does a base 6100 damage.

    Plus her invisibility and protect tiles are very irritating to face. Not unbeatable, but it will drag the game out

    Likewise, Xverine definitely has his uses. One of them being that his green and black actually give you a reason to use crit boosts lol. I used +100% crit boosts in his DDQ vs Cyclops, worked like a charm
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    SpeakEZ wrote:
    im at a point where there costing 700 right now icon_razz.gif does it cap out at 1000?

    Yup. They used to have no cap at all and kept raising every 4 slots before. They finally capped it at 1000 a while back. Feels a tad high but through normal play you should be able to gather 1000 imcoin.png by the time they release another character (normally every 2 weeks).
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    yea that's true, i tend to spend a little money here and there to speed up that process as well icon_e_smile.gif its always a big relief when i open another slot xD
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