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Unacceptable rewards for 690 mana crystals. I used to (when the costs were more reasonable for a casual player) buy 4 packs at a time, and would routinely get 2-3 rares/mythics.

Since BfZ, I am horribly disappointed with the rare and mythic drop rate. I have bought 28 packs (2x 600 mana crystals) and pulled 4 rares. 4! that is ridiculous. I understand you need to monetize your game, but chasing away a player base by not rewarding them for time invested is a devastating blow to any gaming company.

Without any value for cards or the ability to trade cards, grinding to get packs, then not receiving rares, or receiving rares you already have is very disheartening. I understand you can trade duplicates for runes, but runes are of practically no use..


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    Do what I did. Get a monthly subscription to WoW instead of this game icon_razz.gif Or start a college fund for your (unborn) kids? Whatever floats your boat.
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    I feel you, I grinded my butt off to get to 600 Crystal's and I promised myself I wouldn't buy any packs until the missing cards from BFZ are made available, so I grinded some more, spent hours replaying boring story mode battles and grinding in QB until I got to 1200 crystals.
    Then I did something stupid, silly me thought why not buy a pack, surely I have earned it.... so I brought a big box, with a guaranteed rare and another possible 70 cards I might get something good??? right....
    My rare was a cinder grove which I have 2 of already and a "from beyond" other than that just commons and uncommonness. 2 useless rares for literally hours and hours of time. I felt utterly pissed off
    I am beginning to feel like I am in an abusive relationship with this game. Every time I ask for a reward I get punched in the face, but I can't stop and I keep coming back for more...
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    I am starting to agree, I'm not one to complain but they should at least set up a trade system, this is getting unacceptable even for s free game. They should either raise drop rates or start a trade system, or dare I suggest actual PvP.
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    The drop rates way Way WAY to low. It is completely counter productive to keeping people interested once you reach a threshold where there is no return on getting packs. I cant even remember when I got a new rare or mythic. In fact over 95% of all cars I get are duplicates so I cant even get the few commons and uncommons I want!

    For quite a while now all I do is log on twice a day for a few minutes to get my free 8 hour pack and daily reward and become so disgusted with all duplicates of junk commons that I close the app after that not even playing a quick battle.

    I have complained about this before a while ago viewtopic.php?f=31&t=44172 and put up a suggestion to solve this such as viewtopic.php?f=36&t=43059 , and someone elses good idea here viewtopic.php?f=36&t=44552&p=527162#p527162 but have been disappointed from the lack of responses to them. Everyone needs to complain on this issue and get the developers attention otherwise a large playerbase will just walk away, and not just to the point where they only log in for a moment twice a day like me, but permanently.
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    Thanks for the shout-out. I agree that having some realistic way to complete our collections would make the game far more satisfying.