Convert quick battle ribbons into crystals

Plastic Posts: 762 Critical Contributor
I'm wondering what people think about this. I was thinking this would give people a reason not to snipe the last few hours of the PvP series each time.

What would be a fair value of ribbons to crystals? 10:1 ? Requiring a minimum of 100 ribbons at a time to convert?


  • VladG0015
    VladG0015 Posts: 48
    I've got to say, it sounds reasonable but I doubt they'll do it.
  • ShawnP1
    ShawnP1 Posts: 128 Tile Toppler
    I like it. Then I might actually care a bit more about PvP.
  • Abenjes
    Abenjes Posts: 253 Mover and Shaker
    I have 400K ribbons I can do exactly sweet F**k all with. I haven't brought the news planes walkers yet as I would rather spend my crystals on cards otherwise I feel like I'll just be playing a different person but basically use the same cards.
    please please please come up with a way that is not ridiculously expensive to convert those ribbons to crystals or to individual cards...........