'Civil War' Run 2 Details

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MPQ'ers! The second run of the Civil War event is set to begin this week. Here are some details provided by Anthony at Demiurge to help you prepare for the upcoming melee:
    • The Civil War event starts at
12:00 PM EDT on Thursday, May 26th and will run for three and a half days.
• War Machine will be a featured hero for Team Iron Man. Featured missions with War Machine won't happen until the 3rd refresh of the Civil War event.
• The featured characters for each side for the second run of the Civil War Event:
    o Team Cap - Ant-Man, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Falcon), Sam Wilson (Captain America), Hawkeye, Human Torch, The Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Team Cap (pick 3 Team Cap allies), Winter Soldier o Team Iron Man - Ares, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Quake, Spider-Man, Team Iron Man (pick 3 Team Iron Man allies) , Vision, War Machine
Powered-Up characters for each side:
    o Team Cap - Ant-Man, Sam Wilson (Falcon), Hawkeye (Modern), Steve Rogers (First Avenger), Sam Wilson (Captain America), Winter Soldier, Thing, The Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Human Torch (Classic) Iron Fist, Steve Rogers (Super Soldier), Storm (Classic), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Hawkeye (Classic), Storm (Modern) o Team Iron Man - War Machine, Vision, Black Widow (Original), Iron Man (Mark XLVI), Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Quake, Black Widow (Grey Suit), Black Panther, Spider-Man (Classic), Iron Man (Model 40), Captain Marvel (Modern), Ares, Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel), Black Widow (Modern), Iron Man (Model 35)
    o Team Cap:
     Player Awards - Hawkeye (Modern) and Sam Wilson (Falcon) covers.  Round Awards - Ant-Man covers, Red power cover for Steve Rogers (First Avenger).
    o Team Iron Man:
     Player Awards - Black Widow (Original) and Vision covers.  Round Awards - Quake covers, a Yellow power cover for Iron Man (Mark XLVI).
    o The surrounding mission pins should have a more gradual ramp in difficulty in this run.
Score Targets
    o Reduced personal progression score targets at every level. o Removed 700,000 Points from Round 7 score target and added 700,000 to Round 8 score target.
Change to Steve Rogers (Civil War)
Earth's Mightiest Heroes now creates 2 tiles instead of 1.
o Shield Bash costs 7 instead of 9, deals more damage.
o Coordinated Offensive now costs 9 instead of 7, deals more damage.
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