Oran-Rief Hydra vs Zendikar's Roil matches

soultwist Posts: 325 Mover and Shaker
So since about the last patch or so Zendikar's Roil has been allowing more than 1 simultaneous match.

For example if a spell like Animist's Awakening causes two matches of 4 green gems at the same time you will get 4 elementals spawn. Oran will only gain a single +2/+2 for the green landfall. This could be by design if "green landfall" and "match 4 green" are considered different but it seems at least inconsistent.


  • Plastic
    Plastic Posts: 762 Critical Contributor
    I've noticed this too while using Animist's and the "Retreat to xyz" supports. It only triggers one landfall even if 2x match 4 occurs simultaneously.